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Jyoti Bumper Saving

 like factory/hotels/schools/hospitals/colleges/companies/ and every other organizations for their salary payment purpose as well as to develop a saving habit out of their hard earned money. Having Jyoti Bumper Saving Account in Jyoti Bikash Bank Ltd. prevail the customers to get competitive rate of return in their staff saving account as well as they will be facilitated with many other modern banking products and services of the Bank.


  • This product will serve as a salary management account for the organizations which will help them in hassle free salary distribution to their staffs/employees.
  • Upon their request Bank will open salary accounts and facilitate such organizations by crediting the salary amount in their employees’ accounts as per the payroll sheet/instruction provided by them.
  • Besides, bank will provide the competitive interest rate along with many other benefits in such salary accounts.
  • This account can also be a model product for those who prefer safe earning from their savings.
  • Bank will open the account in zero minimum balance providing interest on daily closing balance.
  • This way Bank will create the win-win situation as the customer can be benefited with the competitive rate of return in terms of interest rate and bank will be benefited with the mixture of sustainable retail deposit.


  • Special rebate in foreign currency transaction with JBBL
  • Accidental Insurance coverage of NPR 100,000.00 for first year.
  • Account can be opened from any of the JBBL branches
  • Competitive rate of return
  • 50% discount on Annual Locker Charge and waiver in Locker Margin Charge
  • Free Mobile Banking issuance
  • Free Visa Debit Card issuance
  • Free Cheque Book issuance
  • Free ABBS facility
  • Free e-banking facility
  • On demand account statement
  • C-ASBA service
  • ECC service

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