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Byawasaik Krishi tatha Pashupanchi Karja

“Byawasayik Krishi tatha Pashupanchi Karja”(Commercial Agriculture and Livestock Loan) under Jyoti Sahuliyat Karja has been introduced with alignment with the government’s subsidy plan to promote entrepreneurship in the field of Agriculture and Livestock. The loan is specially designed for those motivated youth who want to be self-reliant and startup a venture in agriculture and livestock.This product aims to provide the financial assistance to the individual or organization who are engaged in the business of commercial agriculture and livestock farming.


  • Finance working capital requirement of the business units engaged in the commercial agriculture and livestock farming.
  • Term Loans facility will be provided in order to cover project financing, financing for Capital items, civil construction, interior decoration, advance lease payment etc.


1. Eligibility

  • Registered company for loan more than NPR 1 crores
  • Registered organization/institution for loan less than NPR 1 crores however loan upto NPR 10 lakhs can be provided for Individual who have attained the age of 18 yeas

2. Business Type: Proprietorship, Partnership, Company

3. Loan amount

  • Maximum Loan amount: NPR 5 crores
  • Loan amount can be more than NPR 5 crores subject to terms and conditions.

4. Interest rate: Competitive interest rates. Click here

5. Interest Subsidy

  • 5% interest subsidy for loan upto NPR 5 crores.
  • 2% interest subsidy for loan more than NPR 5 crores. 

6. Collateral 

  • No collateral required for loan upto NPR 10 lakhs
  • For loan amount above NPR 10 lakhs, proposed credit facilities shall be secured by Fixed Assets collaterals
  • Other applicable and proposed security arrangement as per approval

7. Nature of Facility

  • Non-Revolving Facility
  • Revolving Facility

8. Tenure

  • OD/Working capital loan shall be revolving in nature and will be provided for 1 year and shall be renewed on satisfactory performance
  • Term Loan shall be non-revolving in nature and shall be provided for 5 years. 

9. Repayment Modality

  • Interest of OD loan shall be monthly or quarterly
  • EMI or EQI in case of Term Loan

Required Documents

  • Duly filled loan application form of bank
  • Brief proposal of business operation and utilization of loan for loan up to NPR 10 lakhs
  • Detailed business project for loan above NPR 10 lakhs
  • Photograph and Copy of citizenship of applicant and the guarantors
  • Copy of PAN certificate
  • Copy of Registration of the business.
  • Self-declaration of not blacklisting as per CIB
  • Detail net worth of the guarantors.
  • Last two years audited financial statement and three years projected financial statement
  • MOA, AOA, Board minute if the borrower is company
  • Partnership deed, if borrower is partnership firm
  • Map of the applicants’ residence and property.
  • Other related document as necessary

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