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Standard Tarrif Charge

Charge Head Charge
Account Service
Good for payment Rs 500 (50% waiver authority shall be with Head of Operation)
Good for payment cancellation  Rs 300 Per Cheque
Isssuance of Balance Certificate  Rs. 500 (50% waiver authority shall be with Head of Operation)
  Rs 200 per extra original copy
  No Charge for Audit Purpose
  No Charge for BFIs.
Interest Earned Certificate/Other  Rs 500
Statement Issuance  Free
Duplicate Statement Issuance Rs 10 per page (waiver authority shall be with Head of Operation)
Account statement charge sent through fax/mail Rs 5 per page
Account statement charge sent through courier  Actual cost of courier
Stop payment charge  Rs 250 per instruction
Cheque issuance against lost of requisition slip  Rs 200
Cheque Returned Unpaid (From Counter)  Rs 250
Charge against uncollected cheuqe (Crossing 1 year)  Rs 100 crossing six months
Issuance of Manager's Cheque  Rs 250 (Customer request)
Cancellation of Manager's Cheque  Rs 100
Withdrawal Slip/ Issuance of One leaf Cheque  Rs 50 (waiver authority shall be with Head of Operation)
Free for Bank staff/NEA staff accounts and BOD/exBOD
Free for Social Security Account
ABBS Charge  Free
Charge to publish death notice  Actual Charge
Account Closure  Rs 300 (Within 6 months)
Issuance of Debit/Credit Advice Free
Duplicate of Debit/Credit Advice  Rs 50
Record Retrival
Within 3 months of transaction  Free
From 3 months to 1 years  Rs 100
From 1 year to 2 years  Rs 200
After 2 years Rs 300
Standing Instruction(as per customer request)  Rs 200 per instruction
Courier Charge  Actual or minimum Rs 100, whichever is higher.
FD recurring deposit premature/ cancellation  
For FD crossing half tenure period 2% charge on deal amount for the period of
remaining time
For FD not crossing half tenure period Interest rate of minimum saving rate for elapsed time period
CCTV footage Retrieval Charge  Rs 500 (Except regulatory and local authorities)
Below 2,00,000.00  Free
Rs 2,00,000.00 Rs 10
Above 2,00,00000.00 Rs 25
High Value Clearing  Rs 100
Express  Rs 100
FCY Cheque presentment  Rs 25
Late presentment  Rs 200
Inward cheque return  Rs 100
Transaction amount based slab  
Upto Rs 500  Rs 2
Rs 500 to Rs 5,000 Rs  5
Rs 5000 to Rs 50,000 Rs 10
Above 50,000.00  Rs 15
FCY Transaction Fee  Rs 15
Jyoti Remit
Rs 1-Rs 25,000  Rs 100
Rs 25,001-Rs50,000.00  Rs 150
Rs 50,001-Rs 1,00,000.00  Rs 200
Other Remittance  Actual cost
ATM Issuance 
Rs 700
Re-PIN charge  Rs 150
Fake claim charge Rs 250
ATM charge if not collected with in 90 days  Rs 300
Balance inquiry of us (Member & Non-Member within Nepal)  Rs. 5 - 20
Balance inquiry of us (India)  Rs. 50
Stop request /card block  Rs. 100
Linking new account  Rs. 100
ATM Cash withdraw Fee-Nepal  Rs. 30
ATM Cash withdraw Fee-India  Rs. 250
ATM Access Fee(Cross Boarder Fee)  As defined by the Issuer Bank
Installment Basis Card Issuing Fee for every 2 years  Rs. 250
Validity of the Card 6 years
Mobile Banking Fee
Registration /renewal Fee  Rs 200
Password Reset Fee  Rs. 50
Validity of the Service  1 year
Interbank Fund Transfer(min. 100 & max. 5000)  Rs. 10 - 20
Block/Unblock Charge  Rs. 50
Credit Card related payment (min. 100 & max. 100000) Rs. 15 - 60
Internet Banking
Registration /renewal Fee  Registration: 150 (individual/Corporate) Renewal: 100
Password Reset Fee  Rs. 50
Validity of the Service  1 year
Safe Deposit Locker(SDL) - Annual Rental
Type Area of Locker(sq cm) Security Deposit Annual Rental Charge
Small Small Below 20,000 sq cm  Rs 5,000  Rs 2500
Medium 20,001 sq cm to 35,000 sq cm Rs 7,000 Rs 4500
Large 35,000 sq cm to 50,000 sq cm  Rs 10,000  Rs 5500
Extra Large  Above 50,000 sq cm  Rs 15,000  Rs 8000

Breaking of Locker (if Customer lossed key): Equivalent to security deposit or actual cost whichever is higher.
* The security deposit is refundable at the time of surrender of the locker key by the customer.

Guarantee Commission
Bid Bond 0.25% p.q. to 0.60% p.q. or (min. Rs. 1,000 p.a.)
Performance Bond  0.25% p.q. to 0.60% p.q. or (min. Rs. 1,500 p.a.)
Advance Payment  0.40% p.q. to 0.80% p.q. or (min. Rs. 2,500 p.a.)
Counter Guarantee 0.40% p.q. to 0.80% p.q. or (min. Rs. 2,500 p.a.)
Supplier Credit Guarantee  0.40% p.q. to 0.80% p.q. or (min. Rs. 1,500 p.a.)
Amendment (except enhancement and extension  Rs. 1,500
CIC/Inquiry  As per CIC provision
New Loans
Business Loan (Overdraft & Term)  1.25%
Housing Loan  1.25%
Personal Loan  1.50%
Real Estate Loan  1.50%
Share Loan  1.50%
Gold Loan 1.50%
Agriculture Loan  1.25%
Hire Purchase Loan  1.50%
Professional Loan  1.50%
Microfinance Loan 2.00%
Others 1.25%
Renewal charge for funded loans:  1%
Commitment fee for unutilized limit  1%
Prepayment Charge  1%
SWAP Charge  1%-2%
Loan Pre-disbursement charge  0.10% to 0.50% of amount or 5,000 whichever  0.10% to 0.50% of amount or 5,000 whichever is higher
Share Pledge charges per institution  Actual Charge Only
Collateral release charges before maturity ( OD a/c)  No charge in case of branch transfer
Partial Release charge Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 25,000 per release**
Credit Reply (enquiry) Rs. 500

1.In case of Inter state collateral, higher limit will charge.
2.Partial Release include the Release of Collateral and Personal Guarantor.
3.Clause is not applicable in partial release of pledged share in the case of Share Loan.

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