Jyoti CSR Initiatives

JBBL is committed to building and maintaining a strong relationship between the Bank and the society/community at large.

Bank is making its contribution towards various projects that promote our cultural heritage and the arts, in education, sports and health initiatives as well as to public awareness with a special focus to support and cooperate the less privileged sections of our society towards its responsibility to community and society.

Some of the major corporate social initiatives taken by JBBL, towards the society welfare are listed below:

  1. Blood Donation Program in various branches on 10th Anniversary
  2. Sponsorship of education up to Plus two level for a child of Mustang District
  3. Stationary Distribution Program for School by Biratnagar Branch
  4. Pati Pauwa construction and painting from various branches as seen on FB


KHUSHI BIDHARTHI is a children’s program organized by Curious Group and boardcasted in different Local FMs of Rupandhehi as well as in youtube. One of the episode was sponsored by Jyoti Bikash Bank Ltd. which was done at Kanti Madhyamik Vidhyalawa, Butwal as per the program module.

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