March.06, 2020
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Deprived and Microfinance loan

Micro Financing is one of the basic necessities for every human kind in the context of Nepalese under developing economy. This product is designed for financing to ethnic and low income class and marginalized people. The main objective of this product is to extend micro credit activities and help towards raising the living standard of the poor.


  • Financing on business and/or low cost housing under deprived sector as defined by NRB.


  • Nature: May be revolving and renewable and also non-revolving and non-renewable.
  • Disbursement: Loan can be disbursed on full or partially.
  • Principal Repayment: Lump sum within expiry in case of revolving nature of loan.In equated installment basis (EMI/EQI) in case of non-revolving nature loan.
  • Interest Repayment: On monthly/quartel basis or on installment payment date.
  • Tenure: One year for revolving and maximum 5 years for installment basis loan.
  • Security: In case of BFIs, Assignment of Receivables & corporate guarantee and other as per NRB directives.

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