March.06, 2020
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Home Loan

Home is one of the basic necessities for every human kind. This product is designed for financing for purchase of land and building or purchase of residential plot (land) for construction of building or construction of residential home for individuals having identifiable and stable income sources.


  • Financing on purchase of land and building/flat, construction/renovation of building/flat, reimbursing cost of recently purchased building/flat, taking over good home loan of other Bank/FIs. Etc.


  • Financing Ratio:  

    Subject to security coverage,

    -          Maximum 80% of the project cost in case of construction

    -          Maximum Rajinama Value or FMV value whichever is lower in case of outright purchase.

    -          Maximum 90% of renovation/extension cost.

    -          100% of loan o/s in case of takeovers.

  • Nature: Non revolving and non-renewable

  • Disbursement: In case of purchase full amount can be disbursed after completion of documentation and in case of construction phase wise disbursement.

  • Principal Repayment: Equated Monthly/Quarterly installment

  • Interest Repayment: On installment payment date

  • Tenure: Maximum 35 Years.

  • Security: Land and Building/ Land and other Intangible securities 

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