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  • Mobile Banking

  • What is JBBL Smart Banking? Why should I apply for it?

    JBBL (Jyoti Bikash Bank Ltd.) Smart Banking is a convenient and safe mobile banking service by the help of which you can get instant access to your accounts via Internet or GPRS and SMS on your mobile device.

  • What are the various features of JBBL Smart Banking?

    JBBL Smart Banking offers a variety of features including but not limited to the following:

    • Balance Enquiry
    • Statement View and Download
    • Loan and Fixed Deposit Information Merchant Payments
    • Utility Payments such as Electricity, Telephone and Water Bills
    • Electronic Top Ups and Recharge cards
    • Credit card payment including other Bank's payment
    • QR Enabled Payments for FonePay merchants and Inter Bank Fund Transfers
    • Biometric Login Security
    • Redesigned Account Dashboard with Graphical View of Account Activities
    • Bank Account Transfers Within JBBL Bank and almost 50 other FIs
    • ATM and Branch Locations
    • General Information about JBBL Bank 


  • What channels does JBBL Smart Banking support? Can I use it from aboard?

    JBBL Smart Banking supports Internet/GPRS and SMS mode. In case of SMS mode a SMS will be pushed for every request and response will also be provided in SMS. For Internet/GPRS mode the request will be executed via Internet Connection (WiFi, GPRS/ 3G/ 4G). Hence, with the help of GPRS mode you can use it from anywhere around the world.

  • How can I register for JBBL Smart Banking?

    Any account holder of the Bank can register for JBBL Smart Banking by visiting nearest JBBL Bank?s branch. Once your user is created by bank you will get a SMS notification for activating your JBBL Smart Banking. You will then have to download the JBBL Smart Banking application and activate your account by choosing to login via ?Let?s Get Started? link and enter your mobile number and account number to receive OTP (One-Time-Password) on the registered mobile. Using this OTP, you need to set your Login Password and Transaction PIN to start using the services.

  • What is the charge for JBBL Bank Smart?

    The combined annual charge for JBBL Smart Banking and Alert Service is NPR 200 only.

  • How to activate mobile banking?

    You can register by either visiting branch or self-registering.

  • What is the difference between Login Password and MPIN?

    Login Password is the password to login with Internet/GPRS Mode on your device. Upon login if you wish execute any financial services such as Fund Transfer, Topups, Payments, etc. you need to put you MPIN. Likewise, if you are using SMS mode you need to put the MPIN for every request.

  • Can I use JBBL Smart Banking using another SIM than the registered one?

    No, you cannot use JBBL Smart Banking by using SIM other than the registered one in case of SMS mode. Whereas, in case of GPRS mode, same is possible however you are highly recommended to change your mobile number immediately requesting at any JBBL Bank's branch.

  • If I change my mobile device or upgrade the system, it say unauthorized user why?

    To avoid any unauthorized access, we store the IME ID of your mobile upon first login. Hence, JBBL Smart Banking cannot be used if the mobile device is changed or system is upgraded. In order to use JBBL Smart Banking from new device either you need request the Bank to reset your device or self reset your device by clicking ?Reset Device? option at the login page in the app.

  • I am a registered user but when I request through SMS Mode it gives an error message as unregistered user, why?

    Usually, the error message is generated if you are using a DUAL SIM mobile. In case of dual SIM mobiles, JBBL Smart Banking app sends message from your default SIM. Hence, you need to change your default SIM with the registered number in JBBL Smart Banking. If you are not able to set the default SIM from setting of your mobile then either change the slot of the SIMs or visit nearest JBBL Bank's Branch to change the registered mobile number to another.

  • Why am I getting PIN expiry and password expiry messages ?

    As per the security policy of the bank, the Password/PIN of JBBL Smart Banking expires every 90 days in order to force customers to change their Password/PIN periodically. In the SMS mode, you need to go the Setting and change the Transaction PIN. Similarly for the password, you need to login with the existing password in the Internet/GPRS mode and then you need to change the password with the old password as the current existing password and the new password means the password which you intend to set.

  • What precaution should I take?

    A few things that you as a customer should keep in mind while using JBBL Smart Banking are: -

    • The secrecy of your Login Password and Transaction PIN is your responsibility. Please do not share it with others. It is highly recommended that you memorize it and delete it immediately from your message inbox.
    • Always use mobile banking apps available for your phone as the originating SMS will be encrypted when used with these apps. Always use the PlayStore for Android devices and Apple app store for iOS devices to download the apps.
    • Change your Login Password and Transaction PIN on a regular basis.
    • In case your phone gets lost, please contact us immediately to block the service to ensure unauthorized access is restricted.

  • What should I do if I get stuck?

    If you are stuck at any point please call our mobile banking support unit at Head Office Kamaladi, Kathmandu from 10 A.M to 5 P.M or send an email at

    Telephone Number: 014425575



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