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Education Loan

This product paper has been designed to finance students, with the support of the Parents or any other Sponsor/s, who aspire to pursue for higher/technical/ professional education. The loan will essentially help them to finance fees/expenses (to be paid in various forms to the educational institution) and travel/logistics support.


  • To finance for tuition fees and other expenses related to higher/technical/professional education.


  • Financing Ratio: Subject to security Coverage,- Maximum of 90% of the College/University Expenses, -Lower limit and upper limit of loan shall be NPR 0.15 million to NPR 5.00 million respectively.
  • Nature: Non Revolving and non-renewable
  • Disbursement: -The loan shall be disbursed as a Term Loan. - Full disbursement or phase wise disbursement of the total loan is allowed as per the nature of the course
  • Moratorium Period: Course Period plus 1 year after the completion of course designated or 1 month after getting employment, whichever is earlier.
  • Principal Repayment: The loan shall be repaid within 5 years after the moratorium period on EMI/EQI basis
  • Interest Repayment: On installment payment date
  • Tenure: Maximum 5 Years
  • Security: Land and Building/ Land and other Intangible securities

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