November.16, 2021
Invitation for Sealed Quotation for the supply of Uniform.
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October.25, 2021
Auction of leasehold assets of Newroad branch
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October.25, 2021
Invitation for Bids for interior design of Samari branch
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October.25, 2021
Invitiation of sealed quotation for the supply of Win 10 64 bit license
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September.22, 2021
Interest rate in Fixed Deposit
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September.16, 2021
House rent notice
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August.15, 2021
List of non‐operative account for 10 years as on 2078 Ashad 31(15 july 2021)
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August.01, 2021
Subsidy loan data asadh.pdf
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March.12, 2021
Tax on Bonus Share List
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Jyoti Salary Saving Account

"Jyoti Salary Savings Account" is a special packaged normal saving account targeted to the staffs of any organization (profit-making, non-profit making, government, non-government, schools, colleges, hospitals etc.)


  • Min. Balance: 0
  •  0.10% discount / premium on foreign currency exchange service
  • 50% discount on annual rental charge for lockers subject to availability
  • Free: Cheque issuance, ABBS charge
  • 50% discount on good for payment charge
  •  Mobile Banking, Internet Banking free for first year
  • Free: Visa Debit card issuance for first one year
  • Connect IPS/ IPS Service
  • C-ASBA service

Quick & Easy Access