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December.20, 2019
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Professional Loan

Professional are the most valuable client and plays the vital role to build and change the nation. They directly or indirectly affect the country economy. JBBL already lunched the JBBL PROFESSIONAL LOAN.


  • To facilitates professional.


  • Eligible Professional: Chartered Accountant, Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Banker, PHD holder, Government Permanent Job holder etc.
  • Loan Amount: Lower limit and upper limit of loan shall be NPR 300,000 and 1,500,000 respectively.
  • Nature: Non- Revolving however can be revolving up to 500,000

  • Disbursement: The loan shall be disbursed as a Term Loan. However loan up to 500,000 can be disbursed as a revolving nature.

  • Principal Repayment

    -          In case of term loan- Equated Monthly/Quarterly installment.

    -          In case of OD loan- Full within Expiry or can be renewed on satisfactory performance.

  • Interest Repayment

    -          In case of Non Revolving- On installment date

    -          In case of Revolving- Monthly/Quarterly

  • Tenure: Maximum 5 years

  • Security: Personal Guarantee and as specified by NRB on time to time.


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