March.14, 2022
Subsidy Loan Detail-Poush 2078
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February.23, 2022
JBBL Negative tax list (F.Y. 2077-078)
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February.01, 2022
Notice to update Mobile Number
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January.26, 2022
JBBL Dividend Rejection List
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January.25, 2022
Mr. Hari Chandra Khadka appointed as Chairman of Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited
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November.29, 2021
List of non‐operative account for 10 years
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August.15, 2021
List of non‐operative account for 10 years as on 2078 Ashad 31(15 july 2021)
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August.01, 2021
Subsidy Loan Customer List for Fiscal year 2077-78
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Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited is a national level development bank engaged in commercial banking activity with category "Kha" license from Nepal Rastra Bank. Established by a core group of promoters coming from the employees of Nepal Electricity authority among other businessmen, professionals and common citizens, the bank had an original focused vision of promoting hydropower sector through lending credit facilities to potential hydro projects. Continuously assessing the needs of the common citizens and economy of the country on the whole, the Bank has by now established itself as a financial institution catering to a large segment of the society with the cause of the citizens' needs at the centre.

With the growing economy and a change in the demographic mix, more and more people are getting engaged into commercial and financial activities and the need of credit and other banking facilities has been on a tremendous rise. From personal financial needs to the financial needs of small and medium size businesses to the needs of big corporates, the Bank has been at the forefront of supporting the national goal of bringing about prosperity in the lives of the citizens.

Starting with an initial paid up capital of Rs. 259 Million, the Bank has reached a paid up capital of Rs. 4.26 billion. In the journey of past 13 years, the Bank merged with Jhimruk Bikas Bank Limited (FY 2073/74) and has acquired 2 more regional level development banks in, Raptiveri Bikas Bank Limited (FY 2074/75) and Hamro Bikas Bank Limited (FY 2075/76).

The Bank currently has 117 branches across the county including 1 extension counter. The Bank has also been providing services from network of ATM machines (64) and is in the process of extending its reach through both branch and ATM expansion apart from reaching the growing techno-friendly customers with wide range of digital banking products.

Jyoti Bikash Bank has set a clear set of Purpose, Vision, Core values and business strategy which truly reflects its utmost urge to serve the citizens of the Country through all possible avenues.


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