March.06, 2020
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Consortium Loan

Consortium loans are extended for the establishment, capacity addition, up-gradation of existing facility as well as acquisition or takeover of existing facility as working capital loan and or fixed term loan. The loan can be extended to manufacturing as well as service sector. The Bank shall participate in consortium financing as a lead Bank or a joint or Co-lead bank.

  • Eligibility: This loan may be granted to already established firms/Partnership firms/company/institutions or to new established firms/company/institutions or production/manufacturing units.
  • Purpose of the Loan: To fulfill working capital requirement / capital expenditure as well as local LC and Bank Guarantees.

*Facility not exceeding 70% of net working assets (stock + debtors + advance to suppliers- creditors - advance received) and/or 70%o of capital expenditure requirement of the borrowing unit.

* Total financing not exceeding 70% of the total fixed assets collateral.

For More Details, Please contact our Head office IPC Department.


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