Forex Rate 2018.12.10
CurrencyUnitCashOthersSelling Rate
United States Dollar1113.18113.75114.35
Great Britain Pound1143.86144.58146.03
Swiss Franc1114.19114.76115.91
Australian Dollar181.3481.7583.38
Canadian Dollar184.8285.2586.1
Singapore Dollar182.3282.7383.56
Japanese Yen11.00231.00731.0174
Chinese Yuan116.3416.4216.58
Indian Rupee100160160160.15
Saudi Arabian Riyal130.0530.2330.54
Qatari Riyal130.9731.1631.47
Thai Baht13.433.453.48
Emirati Diram130.7530.9331.24
Malaysian Ringgit126.9827.1427.42
South Korean Won10.09980.10040.1014
Swedish Kroner112.4912.5712.69
Danish Kroner117.2517.3517.52
Hong Kong Dollar114.4214.5114.65
Kuwaiti Dinar1370.64372.87376.6
Bahraini Dinar1299.78301.59304.61
Forex Rate 2018.12.09
CurrencyUnitCashOthersSelling Rate
United States Dollar1112.44113113.6
Great Britain Pound1142.98143.7145.14
Swiss Franc1113.19113.76114.9
Australian Dollar180.6781.0882.7
Canadian Dollar184.2584.6785.52
Singapore Dollar182.0582.4683.28
Japanese Yen10.99280.99781.0077
Chinese Yuan116.3316.4116.58
Indian Rupee100160160160.15
Saudi Arabian Riyal129.8830.0630.36
Qatari Riyal130.813131.31
Thai Baht13.43.423.45
Emirati Diram130.6130.7931.1
Malaysian Ringgit126.8527.0227.29
South Korean Won10.10010.10070.1017
Swedish Kroner112.3212.3912.52
Danish Kroner116.9617.0617.23
Hong Kong Dollar114.3714.4614.6
Kuwaiti Dinar1368.59370.81374.52
Bahraini Dinar1295.85297.63300.61
Forex Rate 2018.12.07
CurrencyUnitCashOthersSelling Rate
United States Dollar1111.99112.55113.15
Great Britain Pound1142.82143.54144.98
Swiss Franc1112.53113.1114.23
Australian Dollar180.881.282.83
Canadian Dollar183.3683.7884.62
Singapore Dollar181.6482.0582.87
Japanese Yen10.98840.99331.0033
Chinese Yuan116.2416.3216.48
Indian Rupee100160160160.15
Saudi Arabian Riyal129.8129.9930.29
Qatari Riyal130.7730.9531.26
Thai Baht13.43.423.45
Emirati Diram130.5130.731
Malaysian Ringgit126.8727.0327.3
South Korean Won10.10060.10120.1022
Swedish Kroner112.3812.4512.58
Danish Kroner116.9817.0817.25
Hong Kong Dollar114.2914.3814.52
Kuwaiti Dinar1365.28367.49371.16
Bahraini Dinar1295.9297.68300.66
Forex Rate 2018.12.06
CurrencyUnitCashOthersSelling Rate
United States Dollar1112.44113113.6
Great Britain Pound1143.06143.78145.22
Swiss Franc1112.48113.05114.18
Australian Dollar180.7681.1782.79
Canadian Dollar183.588484.84
Singapore Dollar181.8182.2283.04
Japanese Yen10.99511.00011.0102
Chinese Yuan116.2916.3716.53
Indian Rupee100160160160.15
Saudi Arabian Riyal129.8830.0630.36
Qatari Riyal130.7830.9731.28
Thai Baht13.413.433.47
Emirati Diram130.6230.8131.11
Malaysian Ringgit126.8927.0527.32
South Korean Won10.09970.10030.1013
Swedish Kroner112.4412.5112.64
Danish Kroner117.0217.1317.3
Hong Kong Dollar114.3514.4314.58
Kuwaiti Dinar1368.43370.66374.36
Bahraini Dinar1297.89299.69302.69
Forex Rate 2018.12.05
CurrencyUnitCashOthersSelling Rate
United States Dollar1111.87112.45113.05
Great Britain Pound1141.96142.67144.1
Swiss Franc1111.78112.35113.47
Australian Dollar181.4481.8483.48
Canadian Dollar184.1484.5685.41
Singapore Dollar181.6482.0582.87
Japanese Yen10.98790.99281.0028
Chinese Yuan116.2716.3516.51
Indian Rupee100160160160.15
Saudi Arabian Riyal129.7529.9330.23
Qatari Riyal130.6530.8431.15
Thai Baht13.43.423.46
Emirati Diram130.4830.6630.97
Malaysian Ringgit126.8527.0227.29
South Korean Won10.10010.10070.1017
Swedish Kroner112.3712.4412.56
Danish Kroner116.9517.0517.22
Hong Kong Dollar114.2914.3814.52
Kuwaiti Dinar1366.54368.76372.44
Bahraini Dinar1296.95298.74301.73
Forex Rate 2018.12.04
CurrencyUnitCashOthersSelling Rate
United States Dollar1112.03112.6113.2
Great Britain Pound1143.12143.84145.27
Swiss Franc1112.42112.98114.11
Australian Dollar182.3882.884.45
Canadian Dollar184.8285.2586.1
Singapore Dollar181.8982.383.12
Japanese Yen10.98930.99431.0042
Chinese Yuan116.3216.416.57
Indian Rupee100160160160.15
Saudi Arabian Riyal129.7229.930.2
Qatari Riyal130.6130.7931.1
Thai Baht13.413.433.47
Emirati Diram130.4630.6530.95
Malaysian Ringgit126.8727.0327.3
South Korean Won10.10080.10140.1024
Swedish Kroner112.4612.5412.66
Danish Kroner117.0517.1517.32
Hong Kong Dollar114.2814.3614.51
Kuwaiti Dinar1366.86369.07372.76
Bahraini Dinar1296.48298.27301.25
Forex Rate 2018.12.03
CurrencyUnitCashOthersSelling Rate
United States Dollar1111.64112.2112.8
Great Britain Pound1142.19142.9144.33
Swiss Franc1111.61112.17113.29
Australian Dollar182.0982.584.15
Canadian Dollar184.5784.9985.84
Singapore Dollar181.4981.982.72
Japanese Yen10.98090.98590.9957
Chinese Yuan116.1416.2216.38
Indian Rupee100160160160.15
Saudi Arabian Riyal129.6429.8230.12
Qatari Riyal130.5430.7331.03
Thai Baht13.413.433.47
Emirati Diram130.3930.5730.87
Malaysian Ringgit126.7426.9127.17
South Korean Won10.10010.10070.1017
Swedish Kroner112.2812.3512.48
Danish Kroner116.9117.0217.19
Hong Kong Dollar114.2314.3214.46
Kuwaiti Dinar1365.76367.96371.64
Bahraini Dinar1294.9296.68299.65
Forex Rate 2018.12.02
CurrencyUnitCashOthersSelling Rate
United States Dollar1110.55111.1111.7
Great Britain Pound1140.77141.48142.89
Swiss Franc1110.64111.2112.31
Australian Dollar180.5980.9982.62
Canadian Dollar183.1383.5484.38
Singapore Dollar180.3180.7181.52
Japanese Yen10.97180.97660.9864
Chinese Yuan115.8415.9216.08
Indian Rupee100160160160.15
Saudi Arabian Riyal129.3729.5529.85
Qatari Riyal130.2930.4730.77
Thai Baht13.363.383.41
Emirati Diram130.1230.330.6
Malaysian Ringgit126.3326.4926.76
South Korean Won10.09840.0990.1
Swedish Kroner112.0912.1612.28
Danish Kroner116.7316.8317
Hong Kong Dollar114.114.1814.33
Kuwaiti Dinar1362.45364.64368.28
Bahraini Dinar1294.43296.21299.17
Forex Rate 2018.11.30
CurrencyUnitCashOthersSelling Rate
United States Dollar1110.84111.4112
Great Britain Pound1141.44142.15143.57
Swiss Franc1110.99111.55112.67
Australian Dollar180.7481.1582.77
Canadian Dollar183.2183.6284.46
Singapore Dollar180.6681.0681.87
Japanese Yen10.9740.97890.9886
Chinese Yuan115.9115.9916.15
Indian Rupee100160160160.15
Saudi Arabian Riyal129.4429.6229.91
Qatari Riyal130.3230.530.81
Thai Baht13.383.43.43
Emirati Diram130.1630.3530.65
Malaysian Ringgit126.3326.4926.76
South Korean Won10.09820.09880.0998
Swedish Kroner112.1612.2312.36
Danish Kroner116.8316.9417.11
Hong Kong Dollar114.1314.2114.36
Kuwaiti Dinar1362.61364.8368.44
Bahraini Dinar1292.86294.62297.57
Forex Rate 2018.11.29
CurrencyUnitCashOthersSelling Rate
United States Dollar1110.85111.4112
Great Britain Pound1141.49142.2143.62
Swiss Franc1111.4111.96113.08
Australian Dollar180.9781.3883.01
Canadian Dollar183.483.8184.65
Singapore Dollar180.781.1181.92
Japanese Yen10.97650.98140.9912
Chinese Yuan115.915.9816.14
Indian Rupee100160160160.15
Saudi Arabian Riyal129.4729.6529.94
Qatari Riyal130.3430.5230.83
Thai Baht13.363.383.42
Emirati Diram130.1630.3530.65
Malaysian Ringgit126.3526.5126.77
South Korean Won10.09850.09910.1001
Swedish Kroner112.2112.2812.4
Danish Kroner116.8516.9517.12
Hong Kong Dollar114.1214.214.35
Kuwaiti Dinar1362.45364.64368.28
Bahraini Dinar1292.86294.62297.57
CA Monoj Gyawali


Mr. Manoj Gyawali is Chartered Accountant with post qualification experience of Central Banking, Commercial Banking, and Capital Market for more than 15 years. He has experience of central bank’s treasury management for more than 4 years, more than 8 years of experience as CFO, Head of Operations and top level management team member of leading Commercial Bank and as Managing Director of Investment Banking Company. He also has experience in Hydropower Development Company with South Korean investment as Finance Controller and Finance Director. He also served as visiting faculty to various management college for BBA and MBA courses. He has contributed to Association of Chartered Accountant of Nepal as Treasurer. He has more than 4 years of pre-qualification experience and exposure of auditing, financial accounting & financial management of construction companies, hospitality business, service industry and banking in India. His expertise in financial management and organizational management are taken as competitive advantage of the company.

Mr. Sushil Kumar Sharma

Deputy General Manager

Mr. Sushil Kumar Sharma has more than 27 years of working experience in banking sector. He started his career from Nabil Bank Ltd Former Nepal Arab Bank Ltd in 1990 A.D. and has gained working experience in different sectors like Credit and Trade Finance, Remittance, Treasury, Marketing, Branch manager of high value branches like Biratnagar, Birgunj, New Road, Butwal etc. as well as more than 4 years as Regional Manager. Prior to joining Jyoti Bikash Bank, he was in Nepal SBI Bank Ltd, an associate of State Bank India as Regional Manager - Central Region and was controlling 25 branches inside and outside Kathmandu valley. He holds Masters degree in Business Administration from Tribhuwan University with specialization in profit planning and budgeting as well as Tax law and planning.

Mr. Ramhari Acharya

Assistant General Manager

Mr. Ramhari Acharya has more than 20 years of working experience in banking sector. He started his career from Everest Bank Ltd. (A Joint Venture with Punjab National Bank, India) in 1998 AD and has gained working experience in different sectors as Credit and Trade Finance, Remittance, Marketing and Branch Management. He holds Bachelors’ degree in Science and Masters’ degree in Public Administration from Tribhuvan University.

Mr. Madan Kumar Mahat

Company Secretary / Head – Legal, Compliance and AML CFT

Mr. Madan Kumar Mahat has more than 10 years. banking experience in Jyoti Bikash Bank as Company Secretary, Head HR, GSD, Legal and Compliance. Mr. Mahat has completed double Master’s degree which includes Masters in public administration (MPA) and LLM in business law. He is prominent lawyer with experience of handling various civil, criminal and corporate cases for more than 20 years.