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Helps to Tokha Municipality

Jyoti Bikash Bank has supported the project of installing 70 traffic signs from Tokha of Tokha Municipality to Malung of Jhor on 30th September, 2019. The bank provided the support to Ward No. 2 of Tokha Municipality with the support through its CSR guideline, “Hamro Bikash Prabardhan Kosh” through a traffic awareness program organized by Ward No. 2 Tokha Municipality.


The chief guest of the program was Dr. Shasank Koirala from Nepali Congress. CEO of Jyoti Bikash Bank, Manoj Gyawali, Mayor of Tokha Municiaplity, Prakash Adhikari and Deputy Mayor Gyani Maya Dangol was present in the program as well. The chairman of the program was Deepak Raj Joshi of Ward No. 2 Tokha.

Jyoti Bikash Bank has supported in the project to install 70 traffic signals for the convenience of the travelers and also create traffic awareness. Since the project has a great value and impacts the society positively Jyoti Bikash Bank has partnered with the local body to install the traffic signals.

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