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Jyoti Sajilo Nichhep Khata

JYOTI SAJILO NICCHEP KHATA (Jyoti Flexi Recurring Fixed Deposit Account)
Thopa Thopa Le Nadi Banchha, Nadi Nadi Milera Sagar Bancha

JYOTI SAJILO NICCHEP KHATA (Jyoti Flexi Recurring Fixed Deposit Account) is launched with a view to cater to customers having a regular and steady source of income. The perspective depositors in this account deposits an amount of money every month for a fixed tenure. This scheme is meant for investors who want to deposit a fixed amount every month, in order to get a lump sum at maturity. The small monthly savings in the Recurring Fixed Deposit Account shall enable the depositors to accumulate a handsome amount at maturity.
Interest Rates (payable quarterly)   
1 year               6.50% p.a.
2 years             6.75% p.a.
3 years             7.00% p.a.

  1. Minimum Balance to start the scheme shall be NPR 1,000.00. Interest to be calculated on daily balance and payment on quarterly basis.
  2. Any Amount of regular deposits can be made on this account .The customer can also make multiple deposits in the same month.
  3. Existing account holders in the bank can give standing instruction to the bank regarding transfer of a certain amount on any frequency.
  4. The customer shall fill in another application form for this scheme.
  5. The modality of operation in this account shall be like the Fixed Deposit Account but the customer shall have the option to make deposits any time into the account.
  6. The account will however be debit restricted till the maturity of the account.
  7. The quarterly interest payments shall also be accumulated in the principal but if the customers want to use their accumulated interest, they can use it through their nominee accounts.


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