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ATM Services

JBBL Debit Card is VISA™ logo bearing Card and is accepted at ATMs and POS terminals displaying VISA™ Network logo. JBBL Debit card is also accepted in ATM/POS across India and Bhutan.

  • Easy access to your account anywhere and anytime from ATM and POS terminals.
  • Available 24 hrs a day.
  • The Card can be used for payment against purchase of goods and services at merchant locations.

Safety measures:
  • Please change the PIN at your first visit to ATM and try to memorize it instead of noting.
  • Do not disclose the Card number and PIN to anybody.
  • Please check your account balance and cross verify transactions regularly. Any discrepancy has to be reported within 15 days of the transaction made.
  • Keep your Cards away from magnet, water and heat/fire.
  • While making purchase in merchant outlet, do not disclose PIN and verify the transactions.
  • In case of theft or loss, please contact us at 4411116 or 4168605 (Ext. 107, 108, 200)

Fees and Charges:
Issuance  Free
Annual Fee  Nil
Renewal Fee after 2 years  NPR 250
Card Validity  6 Years
Replacement Fee  NPR 250
PIN Generate Fee  NPR 150

ATM Transaction Fee:
  JBBL Other ATM's India / Bhutan
Withdrawal Fee  Free  Rs. 30  Rs. 250 + Exchange Rate fee
Balance Inquiry Off-us  Free  Rs. 5 (NEPS member bank)
 Rs. 20 (non-member bank)
 Rs. 50
POS usage Fee  Free  Free  N/A

Transaction Limit:
ATM Terminal / Max. Limit Per transaction Per day POS per day
SCT  Rs. 20,000  Rs. 50,000  Rs. 1,00,000
India / Bhutan  IRs. 15,000  IRs. 15,000  IRs. 1,00,000

Our ATM locations:
  1. Ratnapark (NEA premises)
  2. Lagankhel (NEA premises)
  3. Koteshwor Branch
  4. Bharatpur Branch
  5. Head Office, Kamaladi
  6. Baneshwor Branch
  7. Balaju Branch
  8. Chyamasingh Branch
  9. Jorapati Branch
  10. Kohalpur Branch
  11. Butwal Branch
  12. Bardibas Branch
  13. Bagdula Branch
  14. Devghat Extension Counter
  15. Bhingri Branch


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